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Find FFL Gun Dealers Near Your Location Using Zip Code

FFL Dealers are individuals or a company licensed by the United States to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture or importation of firearms and ammunition, or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms through the issuance of a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

When purchasing a firearm, it’s easy to search for retailers but not as easy to find dealers to ship your gun to – until now. Our FFL Dealers Near Me app uses your zip code to quickly find the nearest gun dealer in your location. You can even determine the radius from your zip code if you’re unable to find one.

Search Area and Results For Firearm Dealers

When it comes to tracking local pack or Google Maps results, the slightest location change can influence the search engine results.

Sometimes the business you want will show up in search results throughout its whole service area, and sometimes it will only rank for searches performed just a few blocks from your doorstep.

However, with FFL Dealers Near Me, we get all on file FFL Dealers within a specified radius and use our integrated and updated database of ATF Database of FFL Dealers to give you the results you need. For your peace of mind, the firearm dealers are given government-sanctioned lists updated monthly for active and up-to-date FLL dealers near them.

When using our service, you will have the ability to define if a product is a firearm or non-firearm as well as have the option to input multiple shipping address options for different types of products in the same cart.

You Are a Firearm Dealer in USA?

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  • Premium listings in our search show up on top for over 250,000 gun shoppers
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