Improve Your FFL Ecommerce Business Easiest Way

FFL API simplifies the checkout phase for online gun dealer websites. These eCommerce stores can implement user-friendly features that benefit the dealers and their customers. 

As a one-of-a-kind software in the online gun dealer sector, FFL API provides a service that everybody needs in the process of buying FFL products online.

Shop Owners

Online shop owners wish to raise revenue and improve their storefronts. Many customers leave the website during checkout because of the limited options or inconvenience. Others get upset with the brand in the case of never receiving their orders. With FFL API, shop owners will not lose customers on the checkout phase because of the confusion. Websites will see a drastic reduction in cart abandonment, and find viable business leads.

Users Interested In Purchasing FFL Products

Website visitors want to shop online with ease. A complex checkout does not impress them, in the age of Amazon and convenience. FFL API provides user-friendly checkout. Visitors know whether their products are FFL or not and where to ship their products. FFL API separates FFL and non-FFL products into two different addresses on the checkout page so that no one misses their orders.

FFL API Bigcommerce App Features

1 Click Installation

It is quite easy to install and integrate FFL API to your BigCommerce store. Simply provide the necessary permissions and oversee the process in a matter of minutes. 

Ability to Define FFL Products

FFL API provides a very easy user interface for shop owners. Shop owners add FFL products to their store carts, which are saved in the system and appropriately defined. The API will remember these selections for future orders. Shop owners have the ability of bulk ordering as well.

Easy Gun Dealer Search With Zip Code

Customers have the ability to search with zip code and find the nearest gun dealer to them. They can select the gun dealer with just one click and continue to billing.

Listing FFL Dealers On Map

FFL API saves customers the time spent finding their certified local dealers on a separate website. The software automatically lists the dealers within the customer’s zip code, eliminating one step of the purchase process.

Providing Multiple Shipping Options On The Checkout Page

By law, websites can send FFL products only to FFL-certified gun dealers. Non-FFL products can be shipped anywhere the customer wishes, but other products fall under regulation. Thus, FFL API provides multiple shipping options on the checkout page, depending on the customer’s selection. The software limits customers’ selections so they use a certified FFL gun dealer for these products while letting them fill the address form with their home address for non-FFL products.

Selecting The Shipping Address as The Billing Address With One Click

Customers can select the billing address the same as the shipping address with one click. They can enjoy the utmost convenience.

User-Friendly Checkout

FFL API provides user-friendly checkout. Customers can make their purchases easily, with an enhanced experience and simple UI design. 

12% of the users abandon the websites without completing the payment just because of the too complicated checkout design.