Gun Laws by State: What You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

Gun ownership is important to many people all over the country. However, it’s vital that you know your state’s gun laws before making any purchases. That way, you can avoid negligence that may cause legal issues, injury, or worse.

At FFL API, we wanted to provide a helpful, quick reference with tips for those who wish to buy guns in their home states, or those in which they reside. As always, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly research the laws in your area to ensure that you’re never caught off guard.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Gun

The most important thing to note is that every state has its own set of requirements for who may purchase, possess, and carry firearms legally. These differences impact whether you can buy or carry certain weapons where you live or work, and to which states you can travel with your weapon.

Gun Laws: The Difference Between Handguns and Long Guns

Not only do firearm laws differ between each state, but your state may have separate regulations for different types of firearm. You may find that, where you live, you can purchase, own, and/or carry a long gun more freely and easily than a handgun, or vice versa.

How Firearm Friendly is Your State?

Some places in the U.S. are more lenient on gun ownership and usage than others. If you need to move your residency, take a job in another state, or travel out of your own, then it’s vital that you consider how gun friendly the laws are in each relevant state.

Does Your State Require a Permit to Own, Carry, or Buy a Gun?

Depending on where you live, you may need to apply for, and receive, a permit before you can purchase a handgun or a long gun. Others require you to carry a license if you wish to conceal your weapon on your person. Some might only require you to have a permit to own a weapon, while many require some combination of all three.

Is “Open Carry” Permitted in Your State?

You may be permitted to carry a firearm openly, on your person, in public spaces. These places are often the friendliest with gun ownership.

Which States Require You to Register Your Firearms?

The laws by which you’re governed may also require you to register your firearm with the state government when you purchase it. The state registry can then be used to track a weapon to its owner in the event that a crime has been committed.

Are Background Checks Required for Private Gun Sales?

Even when purchasing a firearm from a private seller, you may need to wait for a Background Check. In fact, some places only permit private sales through licensed dealers, and a few even require that the transaction be approved by law enforcement.

It’s critical that you consider this before making a purchase.

Firearm Reciprocity and Travel: Where Can Your State Take You?

Many areas in the U.S. recognize the laws and permits of other states, which is known as firearm reciprocity, gun reciprocity, or Concealed Weapon License reciprocity. This reciprocity, as well as the aforementioned differences between gun laws, impacts your freedom of travel between states, when in possession of your weapon.

Once again, it’s vital that you know which states recognize the laws in your home state, or the permits issued therein.

Do not travel before confirming your understanding of the laws that govern the states through which you’ll be travelling.

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At FFL API, we improve FFL e-commerce businesses by providing an SaaS solution to many of their ecommerce needs. This includes updating licenses in the ATF system, providing lists with FFL-licensed firearms dealers, developing industry-friendly checkout integrations, and more. If you have questions about the gun laws in each, and how they can impact your online marketplace, then reach out to our team today.

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